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A True Guru connects with his disciples with both, his mind & his heart. He / She guides his disciples to imbibe knowledge as per their calibre and help them develop the indispensable skills like Perseverance, Dedication, Attention to detail, Tenacity & Compassion. He / She shows them the Right path while keeping them away from the wrong one. A True Guru devotes his entire life towards the holistic development of his disciples and Empowers them to face challenging situations in life, fearlessly. A True Guru always strives to set an excellent example in front of his disciples and is forever remembered for his selfless act of improving & enriching the lives of his disciples.
Like A True Guru, who is not just a mentor, but an Inspiration for his disciples, VEDAZ has always aspired to inspire its Students and the society at large. Since 2011, we have been preparing Students to not only get admission in prestigious IITs but, also for Life Long Excellence. VEDAZ has always considered guiding & helping the Students towards taking the Right Steps in their preparation for IIT-JEE and other compitative exam as its foremost duty.It is the emulation of this very essence of a True Guru that has led VEDAZ to become the only Institute of Real Substance for IIT-JEE and other exam preparation in the Country. And, Our Standout Features are a result of the same.


Whatever we think, We Say & whatever we say, We Do.We present to you, what we actually are.

We strive to instil the values of Truth, Transparency & Commitment along with Dedication & Sincerity among our Students. These values and virtues play a pivotal role in attaining success in all vistas of life, be it becoming an Entrepreneur, an Administrator, a Follower, a Spiritual Guru or a Politician. Reared with these traits, it is but natural that we not only produce highly successful Students but also good Sons, good Daughters, good Future Fathers & Mothers and good Citizens.

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